IACE 2017 Day 14

 At 4:45 we went by car to a parking lot where we met the owners of the hot air balloons. There we saw a clip about the history of hot air balloons. Unfortunately the weather was bad, so we couldn't make the balloon trip, but it was good enough to blow up one of the balloons and to have a small flight with it. After this we rolled up the balloon and we went to Gruyère, where we had a picknick breakfast near the chocolate factory Callier. We saw a movie about the Callier factory while we waited for our turn to have a tour through the factory where we saw how the chocolate was made and where the ingredients came from. We could also taste the ingredients and in the end of the tour, we learned how to be a real chocolate taster by tasting a lot of different chocolates. Then we returned to grenchen where we had a late lunch/early dinner, raclette. After that some of us went to grenchen for some shopping. In the evening we ended our day with a beautiful firework show in Biel.

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IACE 2017 Day 13

This morning was different ...
We woke up after a lovely sleep in until 0900 where we casually got out of bed to meet at breakfast (Normally we woke up very early). For most of the day we got plenty of time to relax and prepare for our presentation including a trip to the local pool in Grenchen. After a very humid day it was very nice to jump in the pool and wash away the heat. At 1800 we all got into our formal attire and got into cars as we drove to the Seeblick Hotel in Biel. The evening was the farewell dinner where all the cadets met sponsors and important guests and gave summaries of the last two weeks in Switzerland. A great night was had and many memories were shared as we enjoyed a delicious three course meal in a beautifully decorated room. It's a shame that the exchange has nearly come to an end, but we have all thoroughly enjoyed the trip with so many incredible memories!


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IACE 2017 Day 12

We woke up at 0730 and had breakfast at 0800. We got a surprise today : we could fly in the DC-3 as "flight attendants". There were four flights during the day and on each flight there were two to four cadets. We made a flight of one hour in the alps so we saw beautiful landscapes. It was a wonderful experience because you rarely (or never) fly with a DC-3 in the mountains. The last flight landed around 1745 and we had a "hangar party" in the evening. We had a nice dinner and we also did a presentation about what we did during the exchange. We also spoke with a lot of people who are helping the flight school of Grenchen. So it was a very nice day and we met a lot of people all interested in aviation.

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