IACE 2018 Day 16

Today, our cadets had to get up early to catch their flight from Zürich Airport or to travel by train to Frankfurt to proceed to their countries.

After saying ‘’Bye Bye’’ to everyone, the two parties started their homeward journey.

We wish you a safe trip home and hope to see you soon back in Switzerland!

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IACE 2018 Day 14

Now the exchange is coming to an end. Only two days are left and today we went to another highlight. After the breakfast, we drove to Bellechasse. There we met Nils Hämmerli, call sign “Jamie”, the commander of the Patrouille Suisse. He is responsible for the safety and ensuring that everything is perfect. When there are mistakes, he gives instructions via radio to the pilots above. At 10:10 the Patrouille Suisse started their training. Today we were lucky to enjoy the show with smoke, loops and great figures from the 6 “F-5E Tiger II”- Fighters. It was an amazing experience to see the fighters in the air but that was not the end. After the flying display, we drove to the Airbase in Payerne and had lunch with the pilots of the Patrouille Suisse. They let us join their debriefing, were the pilots and the commander watched a video from the show and talk about mistakes and things done well. “Bigfoot” (Lukas Nannini) gave us a presentation afterwards. He talked about the Patrouille Suisse, their Aircrafts, how to do formation flight and special traditions in the team. It was a really interesting presentation that was followed by seeing the fighters up close. We went to the “box” and could have a look at the F-5E Tiger II. We split into 3 groups and the pilots explained the aircraft and answered all our questions. We thanked them with certificates and many “Thank you`s” from the cadets. After saying good-bye we went back to Grenchen were we had a small shopping tour with a lot of fun.

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