IACE 2019 - Day 10

Today was a quieter day than usual. We spent our day working on our country’s presentations, perfecting and practicing them throughout the day, asking each other for help and opinions from the rest of the group. Three of us however spent the day gliding with the Grenchen glider club, where we spent hours upon end in the skies above Grenchen, Biel and other local towns, observing the breath-taking views and landscape. The main group, after finishing their presentations, went swimming in the river Aare, where the views were also rather amazing. They observed the gliders as they flew high in the skies above. In the evening, the group came together again and headed into Grenchen, where we attended the annual Swiss national day ceremony. There we listened to their mayor give a speech, in which we followed with ours. The speeches were perfect, we all presented ourselves and our experiences during IACE. At the end we were presented with our own gift bags, to show their appreciation. During the evening we were treated to a firework display, in which an old IACE cadet, Peter Brotschi, from the 1970s spoke with us about his experiences, which was really amazing to hear about. Tomorrow will hopefully be another perfect day!

William (UK Cadet)

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IACE 2019 - Day 9

This morning we had the opportunity to visit the nuclear powerplant of Gösgen. Thanks to a member of security of the powerplant, we had an exclusive tour in all the important parts of the powerplant. We had three hours to visit the main stations, including an important time for security to enter the reactor, which took up to an hour. We could see the pools for cooling the elements and all the systems, backups and their backups around the reactor. We also saw the external cooling system, along with the gigantic cooling tower. Finally, as a technical incident happened on the powerplant a few days ago, some mechanicians where changing the transformator and we saw the new one arriving. The nuclear powerplant Gösgen offered us a nice lunch with Swiss chocolate. Then we returned to Grenchen. On the way to Biel, we have seen the manufacturers of famous Swiss watches such as Rolex and Swatch. After having a beautiful view on the lake of Biel, we walked in a music festival. Finally, we attended a beautiful fireworks for the Swiss national day, watching them light up the waters of Biel in a fabulous display of lights. Certainly, a night to remember!

Elise (French Cadet)

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IACE 2019 - Day 8

We started the day as any other with the breakfast. After which, we finished packing all our luggage for the return to Grenchen. The next hours were spent on the airport in Samedan. We had a planned visit to the REGA base stationed there, but they were on active duty at the time, but we spent plenty of time watching the arrival and departures of Gulfstream aircraft, which is always a highlight! The Super Puma came right on time for the flight to the Patrouille Suisse in Emmen. After stepping down after landing, we were surprised by a spectacular formation flight and a punctual landing by the NF-5's in red/white swiss livery. Right after, there were 2 amazing F-18 launches, practically on schedule. Next, we were able to look at a static display of the NF-5. Splitted into 2 groups, half of us started with a tour of the outside of the aircraft and the other half with the cockpit. Afterwards, they showed a video of their 2018 highlights and explained their team to us. It was a great experience and we handed them a certificate for their amazing work and thanked them for having us. It was unfortunately already time for the flight back, but a second flight in a day on the Super Puma made us immediately enthusiastic again. In Grenchen, we had once again a dinner at Tennis Chugele, a fitting ending for this day.

Bob (Dutch Cadet)

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