Riccardo Ricci


The International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) has been founded after the second world war. It was during this time, that the idea came up to organize an exchange for the young generation of pilots around the world.

Through this exchange, respect for other cultures, a mutual understanding and international friendships shall be promoted. The aviation topic should be the common background and interest for these exchanges.

Although the world has changed during the past seven decades, the goals of the IACE are even more important today than before. The process of the globalisation calls for an international understanding, respect of foreign cultures as well as a reliable network of friendships around the world.
The IACE enables this. Since 1946 as well as in the future.

On this page, you will find all relevant administrative information for yourself as an air cadet. Rules and conditions for the exchange, application forms, contact details, a list of former participants as well as reports from the past exchanges.

As important as sending Swiss cadets abroad, is to host the foreign cadets in Switzerland and to show them the country and our culture. It is a demanding and challenging but also honorable task. We are always looking for interested members of the AeCS to take on this challenge.
All important information for future organisers of the Swiss exchange can be found on this page.

For further questions and comments, klick „Kontakt“ for more details. Interesting as well as useful can be a visit of the worldwide IACE organisation: www.iacea.com

I hope to have attracted you with the great cause of the IACE. As a future air cadet, as a supporter or as a sponsor. I am happy to welcome you aboard according to the motto: KICK THE TIRE AND LIGHT THE FIRE.

Riccardo Ricci
President IACE Switzerland